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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Letter from My Brother

(an email from my younger brother)

What I love about Clinton’s speech is how he basically took on the right-wing propaganda machine and made them look like the lying morons they are. The almost glee in how he attacked the right wing’s spurious lies and bullshit, without an ounce of fear, was brilliant. He literally has zero political capital to lose, and he knows the right wing has already shot its wad smearing him, so what purpose would any further smears serve?

It’s obvious to all that Obama lack’s Clinton’s keen political acumen and flexible morals. Obama’s rigidity and gutless capitulation in the face of criticism is all too clear to every liberal in this country. Both Clinton’s are not true friends to liberalism due to their immense egos and personal ambition, but as master politicians they are second to none. Hillary only lost to Obama in 2008 because liberals never forgave her for supporting the Iraq War when she didn’t have to. Hillary SHOULD be President, and she would have made a great one, but payback is a motherfucker.

Clinton put Democrats on the offensive for the first time in three years. The convention has been brilliantly run, and just looking at the diverse faces in the crowd is enough to prove the two parties are NOT the same, nor are they governed by the same principles. We all know Obama sold his liberal soul to Big Money and the military-industrial complex; there is no denying that. I feel betrayed in large amounts. But McCain would have been an unmitigated nightmare.

And Mitt Romney? That soulless Mormon scumbag? Mormons are evil in my opinion. They are gangsters masquerading as a religion, basically. The press has been too kind on this. They are sneaky, conniving, and incredibly dangerous people, ruthless like Sicilian Mafioso but with fair hair and sparkling smiles.

Clinton eviscerated Romney and Paul Ryan with the laser-like acumen that made him one of the great political campaigners we’ve ever seen. He owned the audience in the hall and watching on TV. It was one of the greatest game-changing political moments in our lifetimes. All Obama has to do is speak clearly and honestly, and let Clinton’s brilliant attack take hold in the minds of working people. The GOP looked like fanatics and country club snobs in the mold of Caddyshack.

We all know the racist redneck working class and Jesus freaks will not vote for Obama, but he’ll win because he’s got 70% of women, 100% blacks, 75% Latino, and 100% of liberals on his side. Electorally he’s in control.

I swallow a lot of liberal pride supporting Obama. But I’m not ready to sell my soul and let the Republicans win either.


  1. I'm guessing that your brother Matt and I watched totally different speeches...he with rose-colored glasses so that he didn't have to actually admit that Obama sucked as President and me wondering how stupid his constituents really are believing that isolating America and giving billions to others as "Rome" is burning is a good thing. Either America is a super power or it ain't. And his man Obama is seeing to it that his anti- America or anti-colonialism policies are screwing him and the rest of us. Remember, he is not immune.
    I'll continue to ask: When will you(and your brother) hold this guy accountable for his policies which are an abject failure? I already know the answer. Neither of you hold him accountable. Matt didn't do it in the last election and he won't do it this time. He will never admit that he's a hypocrite or that Obama's current policies have given us status quo.
    Unemployment is no better, the debt is not lower, the middle class- whom Obama claims to champion has seen the income drop by 4k, and yet here he is, all gaga over Clinton and the fact that no evil Republican will ever get his vote. His kind of thought process is why Americans should have to take a test to be able to vote in elections. Obama's reaction to the attacks in Libya are a perfect example of who gets put first and it's not Americans. If his bitch Hilary were President, do you think the outcome would be the same? I do. Because it was her job to see to National Security here and abroad. How many times are you and he going to let this admin get away with lying so you can continue to support Obama? Do either of you have any standards at all? Do laws and oaths mean anything or is it just that big fat D on the ballot?


    1. I’m sorry, but I won’t be lectured to (or whatever you call this unlettered tirade) by an ignorant slob who probably voted twice for Bush.

  2. Denise, you seem to get dumber and even less coherent with every rant you write. Do you stop to breathe when you write these rambling, rage-filled, largely inarticulate and fact-free rants? And, please, stop projecting what you think John or I are supposed to think, or what is supposed to "outrage" us.

    Basically I think you're an unbalanced, disturbed moron, Denise. I found some idiotic comments you posted somewhere where you basically called me a liar for claiming I earn six figures annually (which I have since about 2002, as a mater of fact), and which begs a few questions:

    1) Why the fuck would you care either way what I think about anything, you psychotic, stalking creep?

    2) On what basis would you have any idea what I do or do not earn, and why in the fuck would I lie about it in the first place?

    It's not like I chase you down, grab you, and ask you what you think about anything. I have basically ignored you for four years because I think you have mental problems and are completely unbalanced. That we once served together in the Army over 25 years ago, and may have once been friends, no longer has any bearing on the fact I try to ignore you with all due diligence.

    Seriously, I do not give two shits what you think. I simply ask you to stop stalking my brother and me--we most certainly are never speaking to you with anything we write, nor are we soliciting your opinion. I, for one, barely care you exist any more. Your slobbering, fanatical, and often incoherent rants are like an irritating itch and are completely incapable of penetrating any part of my intellectual being.

    - Mat Scheck


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