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Friday, November 05, 2021

The Coming Storm Brought to You by The Republican Party

 The Republican strategy since the time of Ronald Reagan has been to erode the people’s trust in their own government. You know, the one run by the representatives we elected. Reagan’s soundbite was that government wasn’t the solution, it’s the problem. Except government is often the solution to many problems. I just got back from a fifty-kilometer bike ride on wonderful bike trails built by…wait for it…the government. Who the fuck else is going to build bike trails?

Of course, Republicans probably never ride bikes, but it still takes a government to build the airports for their private jets.

If you beat it into people's skulls that the government is the problem, their expectations are reduced to zero and government isn't expected to do anything for them, which is exactly what Republicans have accomplished. Trump did absolutely nothing for the vast majority of the people who voted him into office in 2016. He did a hell of a lot for a handful of ultra-rich creeps who benefited from his tax cuts and his decimation of environmental laws that paved the wave for easier profits while doing incalculable damage to the planet we are all forced to share.

You have to wonder if Republicans even want the USA to be a democracy. They’ve hated voting and try to deny the people’s right to cast their ballots, and now they hate fair and free elections. Every effort was made to perform a fascist overthrow of the democratically-elected candidate, and an even bigger push is being made to erode Americans’ confidence in our election process. Of course, they have zero proof that there has been any voting fraud, but the Republican strategy relies on repeating and hair-brained lie enough times that their brain-dead faithful gobble it up and puke it back out again and again.

Fact: there has been no proof at all that the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulent. None. Trump and his creepy cabal have been pushing this lie since election night, simply because Trump is too fucking stupid to realize that an election isn’t over until all the votes have been counted. From election day until Biden was sworn in as President, Trump didn’t bother to carry out any of his duties as President because he was so obsessed with over-turning Biden’s rather sizeable electoral victory. Trump is stupid, but even I thought that he was capable of simple math, and the math looked like this:

Biden   81,283,098 votes
Trump  74,222,958 votes

 Biden won 7,060,140 more votes than Ex-president Pussy-Grabber who received fewer votes in 2016 than his opponent.

 If the Republicans truly believe that the 2020 Election was rigged, the only recourse is civil war. I suggest a division of the country along the lines of India-Pakistan. The Republicans can have the Red States. Fine with me, I wouldn't live in any of them.

Finally, in Liz Cheney we have a Republican with the guts to stand up to the Trump fascists and speak her mind:

“We have an obligation that goes beyond partisanship,” Cheney said, “Democrats and Republicans together, to make sure that we understand every single piece of the facts about what happened [on 6 January] and to make sure that people who did it are held accountable.

“And to call it a false flag operation to spread those kinds of lies is really dangerous.”