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Monday, April 15, 2019

Please Mute Your Cell Phone Rhetoric

The press is up to its eyebrows in articles about how much time we all spend looking at screens of one sort or another. I’m not qualified or inclined to write the final and definitive piece on this topic, but I think that we can all agree that as adults, we are capable of making our own decisions about how we choose to spend our time. Whatever you decide, just shut the fuck up about it.

We also must be aware that looking at a screen isn’t always a bad thing, as more and more people choose this option for reading books and journalism. There’s a huge difference between someone reading on their device while the next guy plays some moronic video game or checks his email for the 4,000th time today.

If you decide to wean yourself off of your phone, try not to be so damn proud or yourself like this idiot who should have never let himself fall so far in the first place. And does anyone really need to take the side of their phone in this discussion? Hooray for cell phones! Once again, it’s your life, but please shut the fuck up about it.