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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Far Fewer People on the Wrong Side of History than Trump Campaign Expected

Trump finds out that there are a lot fewer mindless hicks in Tulsa than he was counting on for his rally to reaffirm his bigotry and ignorance. It’s a good thing that so few people were on hand to hear his talk because it was one of the most unhinged, moronic ramblings in his career of moronic, unhinged ramblings. You don’t have to cherry-pick the talk to come up with insanity, just go anywhere and start reading:

“One thing about Air Force One, we got plenty of televisions. We have televisions in closets. You open up the closet, got a television. We got a lot of televisions. It’s a great plane. Great everything. By the way, we ordered new ones. No president wanted to do it. They thought it was luxurious [inaudible 00:45:44] wait a minute, Air Force One is 31 years old. People don’t realize that. So I said, they gave me a charge, very early in my administration like how about the first week? “Sir, would you sign for this plane?” Now it’s actually two planes. “Would you sign for this plane? Air Force One?” I said, “How old is the original or the one we have now?” “Sir, it’s 31, 32 years.” I’d see people coming in from foreign lands that can’t compete with us, rich countries but they can’t compete with the … They have a brand new beautiful 747-800, and I say, “Wait a minute. That country has new and we have a 31-year, so somebody had to do …” 

So the deal was made and it was made for a lot of money. I think it was $5.7 or $5.6 billion. Now in all fairness, it’s two planes and there’s a lot of stuff in those planes I won’t talk to you about. So I told Boeing, the head of Boeing, they said, “Sir, please, we’d like to get started on the planes,” I said, “I do too, but I’m not paying $5.6 billion, and I’m not paying $4.6 billion.” I said, ” It has to have a three on the front of it.” That’s a hell of a lot of money too, but it is a rather complex situation. They said, “No way.” No way. This was before Boeing had problems by the way, but Boeing is coming back. They’re coming back. Greatest company of the world and that’s their big problem.”

Other dictators have had weak attendance at their rallies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Supreme Court Liberal Sleeper?

Justice Neil M. Gorsuch is a profoundly conservative jurist and one of the two appointments President Trump has made to the Supreme Court that Republicans expected would fundamentally shape it to their liking for a generation.

But on Monday, Justice Gorsuch, 52, led the way on one of the most sweeping L.G.B.T. rights rulings in the court’s history, protecting gay and transgender people from workplace discrimination and confounding those who thought he would be a reliable conservative on those issues.

The spot on the court left open when Anthony Scalia died in a tragic incident involving a huge black rubber fist (details redacted) should have been filled by then President Barack Obama, but was denied him by Senator “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, a man who definitely knows his way around rubber fists, if you know what I mean, and what I mean is he has one planted deeply in his ass every waking moment which explains the look on his face.

Perhaps liberals have a sleeper on the Supreme Court? Perhaps if we heap enough praise on this newest member of the court, we can sway him away from the dark side? Does he want to be on the right side of history, or does he want to be a embittered and thoroughly unhappy creep like Clarence Thomas AKA Silent Bob for his refusal to speak because he knows that every word out of his mouth is a potential outrage?