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Friday, April 17, 2020

Fox News = Putin News

I hereby dub Fox News as Putin News whose only function is to sow dissent and upheaval in the United States through any means necessary. Putin News has one single objective: to serve the needs of the richest 1% and to hell with everyone else. If you are in this elite group, congratulations, you are definitely winning by grinding the rest of the population into the ground. You have almost completely destroyed America’s once vibrant and remarkable middle class.

Only a generation ago, the citizens of the American middle class were the envy of the world, the hallmark of how a society can work for the good of a majority. Today, the USA finds itself nearing the bottom of a 35-year process of abandoning the working class in order to create a new class of billionaires made up of a few thousand individuals who are making a mockery of our elective democracy, and heading us down a path towards totalitarianism. Trump may already think that we have arrived, but I’m more of an optimist and feel that we can still un-sink this ship.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Nothing Personal by John Scheck

Nothing Personal by John Scheck

I'm celebrating April Fool’s Day by publishing this book of 80 or so humor essays. I am charging as little as Amazon will allow me to charge. I hope buyers will get their money's worth. I hope they get a few laughs out of the book.

I like humor when it borders on mental illness. This may have crossed over that thin line in several essays. There is also a dark cruelty in here, at least at times.

In the essay “Payback for Hitler” for instance:

“If I were hanging out in Hitler’s garage while he was trying to repair his lawnmower I would wait until he went into the house to answer the phone and then I would hide three or four key parts.”

That's just mean, but it's Hitler so screw him.