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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Nothing Personal by John Scheck

Nothing Personal by John Scheck

I'm celebrating April Fool’s Day by publishing this book of 80 or so humor essays. I am charging as little as Amazon will allow me to charge. I hope buyers will get their money's worth. I hope they get a few laughs out of the book.

I like humor when it borders on mental illness. This may have crossed over that thin line in several essays. There is also a dark cruelty in here, at least at times.

In the essay “Payback for Hitler” for instance:

“If I were hanging out in Hitler’s garage while he was trying to repair his lawnmower I would wait until he went into the house to answer the phone and then I would hide three or four key parts.”

That's just mean, but it's Hitler so screw him.

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