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Friday, August 23, 2019

Budget Deficit on Path to Surpass $1 Trillion Under Trump

In times of full employment, you are supposed to pay off debt, like Clinton did, not run up the credit card. I can't believe how Republicans can be the biggest hypocrites on the planet. It's like they have no memory of their past actions and outrages. In 2009, all we heard was how the debt was going to ruin our future.

Obama inherited a country in free-fall and had less debt when he left than Trump has after three years of a booming economy because he wanted to make rich people richer. This should be the Democrats’ focus. Every time Trump spews out some ridiculous outrage, bring the conversation back to him blowing up the debt so his pals could buy another private jet. Democrats need to start a new Tea Party and just harp on this issue like a broken record until the election. Trump can't fix it, and he can't defend himself on this point.

Just over the horizon, another economic downturn is looming which will require another government-led effort to boost employment. What will that do to the debt? What are the consequences of not taking action in a financial collapse like we had in 2008? Trump has been a complete failure as president in these good times. Imagine the damage he will do when things are tough.

More Trump insanity: 

Trump’s Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules Shows Signs of Disarray

Of all of the insane things Trump has done as president, this has to top the list as the stupidest. Car manufacturers don’t want it and the American people* don’t want it, yet Dump wants it so badly that he is actually leaning on manufacturers to swallow his idiotic policy.

*A poll administered by Global Strategy Group found that voters nationwide support EPA enforcing stronger health protections against air pollution and are overwhelmingly favorable to clean air policies.

 Key findings from the poll include: 
·     75 percent of voters support EPA enforcing its updated stricter limits on smog, with a notable 56 percent of all voters strongly supporting.
·            Support for stricter limits on smog outweighs opposition among Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters alike. Nearly all Democrats support enforcing the stricter limits (94% support/4% oppose), independent voters support enforcing the limits by more than five-to-one (77% support/15% oppose), and more Republicans support (49%) than oppose (39%) enforcing the limits.
·     After hearing arguments from both sides of the debate, not only do two-thirds of voters express support (66%), nearly half of voters still express strong support for enforcing these stricter standards. 
·     Voters nationwide are broadly favorable toward the Clean Air Act (65%) and EPA (59%), as well as EPA’s efforts to enforce stricter limits on air pollution (74% support, including 48% strongly support).

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

They Unpaved a Parking Lot and Put Up a Roman Village

I’ve been watching this scenario unfold from the beginning as I ride by here a few times a week on my way to my little outdoor gym. A few months ago, they were starting construction on an apartment block, but soon discovered remains of a Roman settlement. This one lies directly north of the main hub of Roman activity just across Turia Park in the city center.