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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Modern Problems

Electric scooters, or eScooters, or whatever they are called, are suddenly everywhere on the urban landscape. I want to like them, everyone should like them because they are green and silent, but they should require all users to possess the slightest thread of common sense. That’s a tall order in this era. Still, the asshole quotient of the people who ride them is far below that of car drivers.

I probably won't be killed by an eScooter, so that's in the plus column. I think that things will balance out as motorists, cyclists, and everyone else find a way to live together. The truth is that this new entry in the transportation model are the least of my worries.
In review: car drivers are the problem, and by "problem" I mean folks who have the power to kill cyclists and pedestrians and do so at a rather alarming rate. So why do people blow a bowel over electric scooters?