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Friday, January 28, 2022

Learning Spanish: The Never-Ending Story

“Who doesn’t speak Spanish?” is the punchline in this scene from the comedy series “You’re the Worst.” I am bombarded on Facebook with advertisements for Spanish courses for English speakers, and most of them are completely stupid, making outlandishly stupid promises about how quickly and easily you can pick up Spanish. I’ve never found learning Spanish anything like easy and quick, but in my defense, my IQ is probably very low.


The same is true about learning piano, at least at my age. The thing is, I’ll never make it to Carnegie Hall—few musicians do—but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the hell out of playing at whatever level I find myself at today. The same is true for learning Spanish. If I had my own course, I would make outlandish promises as well, like that you can learn Spanish in 60-70 years, if you work hard at it. That’s right, even you! Maybe even me!


There is no finish line, there will be no banner unfurled proclaiming “Mission Accomplished” when you take on learning another language. What you will get is the daily frustrations of how impossible the task can be, but you will also get the reward of communicating with someone in another language, a remarkable act that I have always found thrilling.

If you can read this, I will buy you an ice cream.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Mid-January: Sunny and a Bit Cold

 After we had one of the warmest (perhaps the warmest) Decembers on record, January also started off warmer than normal. This is about what things should look like, but some rain would be very welcome. Even if we get a cold February, by then the days are a bit longer and it’s easier to handle the winter. I can’t complain.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Anniversary of Un-American Filth Storming the Capitol

I defy anyone to give a reason why anyone who makes less than about $200,000 a year to vote Republican. They have always been the party of the rich, but these days, they are nothing short of a gang of mentally ill half-wits whose sole motivation is to be in power at any cost. They are led by our total piece-of-shit former president whose name I will never utter again because “total piece-of-shit former president” is the only moniker he deserves.