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Thursday, June 30, 2022


Further evidence that the whole "Trump Won" movement is the most vile, un-American filth to have come across the United States in over a century.

 The Lincoln Project released the following takeaways from the sixth January 6th Committee Hearing that took place June 28th:

 After six hearings, it is clear that Donald Trump directed a conspiracy to overthrow the results of a valid election and install himself as the illegitimate ruler of the United States of America. 

 His conspiracy included creating legal fictions to sow doubts about election security, reject the outcome of an election he knew he lost, team with white supremacists to cause an insurrection, and then cover it up with a story of deflection and blame to keep the truth hidden.  

 The hearing today confirmed that Trump – in the most anti-democratic action ever taken by an American President – tried to personally lead the January 6th insurrection up the steps of the Capitol and onto the floor of the House of Representatives to stop Congress from certifying the 2020 election and confirming his loss.

 Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony showed without a shadow of doubt that Donald Trump and his staff were aware of the potential for violence days in advance and counted on it to provide him an opportunity to stay in power. 

 White House Counsel Pat Cipollone understood that laws were being broken. He told Hutchinson to stop Trump from going up to Capitol Hill because they were “going to be charged with every crime imaginable”. Yet Trump ignored his legal counsel and persisted in trying to lead the mob. 

 Trump’s actions on January 6th prove he had insight into the mob. At his own rally on the Ellipse, he wanted the Secret Service to shut off the metal detectors – an unthinkable act for anyone who is provided a security detail. Trump was confident because he knew they weren’t there to harm him, but were there to stop Congress from certifying the election. 


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