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Thursday, June 27, 2019

How To Fix The United States of America

Step #1

We need to make gun violence at least as much of a taboo as sex is in movies and television. Take a look at this movie poster. Instead of a huge gun, what if he had an enormous penis or a woman’s beast in his hand. Would we allow that? Of course, we wouldn’t. The difference is that most of us have either a penis or breasts. Sex is a normal, healthy part of adult life, yet if you make a film about sex it will receive an X rating which condemns it to failure.

Violence, if you are lucky, isn’t a normal aspect of modern life. You can make horrendously violence movies with people’s brains being blown out and painting walls and the worst rating the movie will get is an R rating. How can this be?

Movies should not be allowed to advertise to the public with images of guns (like the poster for this completely shitty movie). In trailers they should not be able to show scenes of violence.

If we stigmatized violence they way we do sex in movies, perhaps the studios would make fewer of these morally bankrupt horrors.