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Nothing Personal 
by John Scheck
I published a book of my humor essays that is available on Amazon.

Buy it here at Barnes & Noble.

Humor is without a doubt the most subjective literary form, and the author reassures readers that if they don't find any of these 80 essays funny, it probably means that they are normal, well-adjusted human beings. For the rest of you, these sometimes penetrating, sometimes disturbing comedy pieces touch on topics ranging from gym teachers, to the war on Christmas. Sharp as a razor, edgy humor directed at every aspect of modern society, and out-of-work rodeo clowns.


I have a short story called "Visiting Day" in this collection. I'm very proud of the story that I wrote in two days while I was working on my first crime novel.

Towards the end of 2017 Fahrenheit Press launched a short story competition to showcase talented crime fiction writers from all around the world.

Our crack panel of judges whittled down the hundreds of entries we received to the 15 stories contained in this anthology. We believe these authors represent some of the most exciting crime fiction being written today.

The paperback edition will be published on March 30th 2018 and you can now pre-order your copy direct from us.

Click here to buy a copy of Noirville (eBook or paperback).

I grew up reading National Lampoon so my modest, one essay contribution to National Lampoon Not Fit For Print was cool for me.

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