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Saturday, January 16, 2021


The scum of the earth, seen here in this photo from January 6, 2021. Next, we have their leaders:


Thursday, January 14, 2021

For Posterity

 I post these here just so I can look back over the years and remember how cold I was in January.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Final Days of Trump?

Desperately working to get to the bottom of the Capitol Insurrection, Fox News uncovers the seditious mastermind of the Antifa movement. A black dude did it! You have to wonder about police priorities when they arrest a black dude among hundreds, perhaps thousands of white slobs acting badly. Fox News went all-in on this ridiculous revelation with their entire stable of half-wit opinionists weighing in on it.
Fox News is on the Case
In a related matter, Fox News now says that it's possible the Capitol rioters were aided by Maoist Shining Path guerrillas from Peru. I did see a dude in the crowd wearing one of those Andean knit hats.
Or perhaps it was Al Qaeda? The fat hicks descending on the Capitol certainly would have made Al Qaeda proud in their attack on American ideals of democracy. Or was it Russia? Putin probably jerked off to the images from January 6, 2021.
Antifa infiltrators cleverly disguised as fat rednecks.


Friday, January 08, 2021

Iraq War Reconsidered


I’m re-watching the PBS Frontline “Losing Iraq” from 2014. It makes me sick to listen to all of the generals spewing out their thoughts and theories of their failed war that none of them opposed. None of them are capable of accepting the fact that many problems can’t be solved militarily. Iraq was certainly not amenable to a solution based on violence, unless it was forced upon them by a brutal dictator, like, I don’t know, someone like Saddam Hussein.

It's disgusting how the generals bad-mouthed Obama when he came into office because he wanted no part of the war. It was their collective incompetence that the war had been an absolute complete failure, and now they wanted Obama to listen to them?

There was no way to fix Iraq at this point, something any sane human being should have known and been able to see. The physical damage to the nation’s infrastructure and private housing was going to plague Iraq for at least another decade, something the generals couldn’t bother themselves thinking about before they blew it all up.

 The militarists wanted to keep 24,000 troops in Iraq. What part of “the war is over” didn’t they understand? Of course, they wanted lots of troops to stay behind, even though they had no plan, even though every plan they had before failed miserably. Their job is to command troops. Why wouldn’t they demand more soldiers remain?

Blaming Obama for the consequences in Iraq is totally “the dog ate my homework” bullcrap you would expect from conservatives. Four years after Obama and no one could give a shot about Iraq. When was the last time you even heard about that hell hole? Trump has never mentioned it. Why? Because he didn’t inherit a steaming pile of poop like Bush passed on in 2009. ISIS? Who are they? They killed each other off with little help from our military, and without U.S. troops being sacrificed.

I think Obama looks really good in hindsight.

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Trump Weaponizes Ignorant Hicks in Failed Coup Attempt

First and foremost, we must ask, how did this happen? In the spot where our democratically-elected officials carry out the duties assigned to them by the constitution they were all sworn to uphold, an angry, armed mob enters by force and the police stand around doing nothing? In the video where the mentally ill, half-witted woman is shot and killed, there are at least four armed police officers standing behind the insurrectionists as they are breaking down a door to gain access to a restricted area. 

There are other images of police practically waving the hillbillies into the Capitol, like they are ushers at a rock concert. A lot of people need to answer for this outrage. Number one on that list needs to be the insane and half-witted Donald Trump who instigated the violence. He needs to be removed from office immediately before he incites more violence.

This is Trump's incoherent message to the people he incited to act violently. Even in this lame appeal for rioters to stand down, Trump is egging them on further.

This is how hillbillies think they will make America great again. The MAGA logo should henceforth be associated with what it is: a catchphrase of racists and fascists, vile scum intent on destroying our democracy. All of them working together with their fearless leader couldn't pass a high school equivalency exam.

Tub of shit hick who was trying to find the Weight Watchers meeting.
Please tell me that the police plan on arresting and prosecuting this moron.

Possibly the most insulting and despicable image of the day, and that's saying a lot.

This is the insane half-wit who was shot and killed as she was trying to enter a restricted area of the Capitol after she and other insurrectionists had broken the shatter-proof window of a door that they obviously weren't meant to enter.

Just before the shooting, at least four heavily-armed policemen walk up the stairs, witness that the scum are breaking the shatter-proof glass on a barricaded door that they obviously aren't meant to open, and the cops turn around and walk back down without even telling the scum to clear out of the building. Something very weird was going on with the police, like they were in on it. 

Yet another video angle of just how complicit the police seem to be in Capitol fiasco. Three officers are standing in front of a door which is locked and heavily barricaded on the other side with furniture making it completely obvious that access to this area is restricted.

Four more SWAT cops walk up the stairs on the left, then turn around and leave while the rioter morons are breaking the glass on the door. Mentally ill half-wit lady is the first to attempt to go through the window into the restricted area and is shot by a cop inside the area.

It’s impossible to observe the action of these police officers and not come to the conclusion that they were on the side of the rioters. I’m guessing that most of them are pro-Trump, QAnon kooks.

Hall of Shame

Along with the Republican congress members who voted to defy the election results, these eight scum bags need to be held accountable for their actions. There has been absolutely no proof of election fraud, a meme that Republicans have been pushing for years in their completely undemocratic vision for America. 
 Weaponizing Ignorance

We are witnessing the effects of a long process of misinformation, which is an extremely polite word for lying. Republicans have been screaming that our elections are rigged for years, that the voting process is corrupt, that millions of illegal votes are cast whenever Americans go to the polls. This chord has been struck countless times since Trump learned that things weren’t going his way in his race with Biden. Their tactic is to repeat these lies until they are accepted by the faithful as fact, and by "faithful" I mean quasi-literate, far-right kooks.

Look at the video above of Ashli Babbitt in her car ranting and raving about whatever the fuck she is talking about. Does this look like a mentally stable human being? Would a sane person break down a door in the Capitol and enter an area plainly not intended for public access? Call it suicide by ideology. 

Think of truth as oxygen. The far-right propaganda mill has suffocated their constituents with lies for so long that we see the results in national disgraces like this assault on the Capitol. A fury has been unleashed and where this anger will lead is anyone’s guess, but only a fool would believe that this will end well. And good luck trying to put that genie back in the bottle.

If I thought that the election had been rigged, that the voting process was nothing but a sham, I’d be angry, furious even. The fact is that there are no facts to support this myth, with “myth” being a very polite word for a vile lie. If the voting process is so corrupt, so utterly flawed, then why don’t Republicans dispute all of the elections that they have won? Both houses of Congress are almost evenly divided between the two parties, we have a Republican President (at least until he is rightfully impeached), yet they claim our elections are a fraud.