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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why So Much Jesus?

In case you were wondering why I put up the sub-header “100% Jesus-Free.”  I noticed that on the top of this blog blogger has put a link to other blogs. It says “Next Blog” or “Siguiente Blog” in Spanish. I clicked on it and the first blog it took me to was that of some church pastor. I clicked again and was sent to the blog of another Jesus freak, and on and on. At least 60% of the blogs I looked at were heavily into The Lord as he is called in some circles. I don’t know if there are a disproportionate amount of Bible-thumper blogs or if that’s all I happened across or if Jesus freaks are more into blogging than non-religious fanatics; I just know that it freaks me the fuck out. What the hell is wrong with America (all the religious blogs were American)? 

Click on "Next Blog" a couple of times and see if you run head-on into religion.


  1. Well given how unreal everything else seems in the US these days - I mean the apparent total subjugation of civil rights to corporate rights, the so called progressive president being as repressive if not more so than his much hated predecessor, the,in all but name only, abandonment of the values that made America great but have now succumbed to the almighty $$$, everyone losing their jobs and homes, what's a little more unreality in that mix. Mind you it's the Jesus freaks who are largely responsible for the mess you're in - there's simply no checks on their version of reality and that leaves them fully open to unscrupulous manipulation.

  2. I like your blog it little bit more now with that sub-header!

  3. "the Jesus freaks who are largely responsible for the mess you're in"

    You have to ask the chicken or the egg question. What came first, the stupid Jesus freaks or the exploitation of said idiots by the corporate string-pullers? Whatever the answer you can bet that the string-pullers aren't about to kill the goose that lays their golden eggs by promoting anything resembling an educated discourse in America.


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