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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Another Great Idea for Which I Won't Recieve a Penny

A cool idea for people in Valencia who get about via Valenbisí would be a website where you can post your times from station to station. It would be like a giant time trial race. The system posts all of your comings and goings on the bikes indicating where you took the bike and where you leave it along with how long it took to get between the points. For example, this morning I went from the station at Pavia on the beach to the corner of Blasco Ibañez and Aragón in 14 minutes. That’s got to quality me for the winner’s circle. Granted, I paid little regard to the rules of the road and even less for my own safety but my time speaks for itself. Read it and weep.

Someone else will steal my idea and make a fortune from it—the story of my life. Not really the story of my life as I have never had a good idea before but I mean the part about other people making tons of money and me not making doodly squat.

*I did a Google image search because I was too lazy to take my camera today and then I ended up downloading my own photo from another post.  

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  1. a "foursquare" of valenbisi type thing...great idea!


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