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Friday, December 17, 2010

Bikes and the City

This video should be an inspiration for every city in the world. 

If your city isn’t working tirelessly to be more like Copenhagen then you either need to elect new leaders or move.  Thankfully, Valencia is moving forward quickly in its effort to make this a better city for cyclists of all ages. It has a long way to go but it has also come a long way in my four years here. I effect almost all of my transportation by bicycle. The public transportation here is excellent but for me it is just easier and usually quicker to bike from A to B. In the last two days I have used Valencibisí 9 times for a total of 2 hours and 24 minutes (the website tracks all this for you, as if this system wasn’t cool enough already).  I also rode one of my bikes for a total of about 90 minutes for a two day total of four hours on a bike, and when I ride I ride pretty hard. 

And this cute video from The Office of Bikes of Murcia.

Hace un día maravilloso.
El sol brilla en lo alto.

La sombra de los árboles refresca el ambiente.
Los pájaros revolotean alegres, y su canto me pone contento.
¡Qué bueno es sentir la brisa fresca en el rostro!
Despierta mis sentidos y me hace vivir intensamente.

Una pedalada, y otra más.
Adiós, hasta luego, en el barrio todos nos conocemos.

Es la hora, el atasco de siempre y sus malos humos.
Malas vibraciones, y yo... paaaso de largo.

El perro del quiosco, cada mañana me acompaña un rato.
Aquí está, ¡hey bonito, vamos!
Los niños salen del cole, ¡qué suerte! Ahora, a jugar.

Hace un día maravilloso.
El sol brilla en lo alto.
Lo presiento, hoy va a ser un gran día.

The shade of the trees cools the air.
The birds fly around happily and their song makes me content.
It’s nice to feel the fresh breeze in my face.
It awakens my senses and makes me live to the fullest.
A pedal stroke and another.
Goodbye, see you, in the neighborhood we all know each other.
It’s time and the usual traffic jam and the noxious fumes
Bad vibes and me…I go by without stopping.
The dog from the kiosk, each morning accompanies me for a while.
Here he is, hey cutie, let’s go.
Kids leave school, what luck! Off to play.
It’s a marvelous day.
The sun is shining.
I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a great day.
(translation by me)


  1. Yes, cute video, except I think just the baby was wearing a helmet!!

  2. Few cyclists in the Copenhagen video are wearing a helmet. Laws requiring helmets for cyclists are completely retarded. You should never give people a reason NOT to ride their bikes.

    I wear a helmet for sport cycling but not commuting.


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