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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Letter From a Friend We Should all Read

Obama capitulates to the corporate lords by extending their Bush tax breaks. So much for being a populist. Obama and his inner circle are out of touch with the very base that elected him, and by kneeling to corporate power and sucking its cock, we learn a sad lesson about how little power THE PEOPLE possess any more. A VAST majority of Americans oppose giving tax breaks to the rich. Yes Obama is held hostage by the minority party who represent this powerful interest group. To get the small scraps of extended unemployment, he gave away 10 TIMES that amount to the wealthy class. The average benefit for the wealthy tax cut: $350,000. What do people on unemployment get, about $300 a week? Fuck me. How many people are that wealthy? Maybe 15,000-20,000. For them to hold 10 million hostage is fucking appalling. Buy they have the money and power to bend the will of a supposed populist President.

John Ralston Saul is looking like a fucking genius and sage now. We no longer live in anything resembling a democracy. We live in a feudal state lorded by corporate power. We just spent a trillion taxpayer dollars bailing out 12 superpower banks and Wall Street firms (in the guise of them being bought by one of the 12 biggies), but what exactly did the American people get to cushion this massive fall of capitalism in America? 99 lousy weeks of unemployment benefits. After that they are fucked. These bankers ran their firms into the ground and got the government to bail them out, and now they're all gorging on massive bonuses as if nothing happened. What about all the employees of these banks and firms that lost their jobs, their stock options that aren't worth toilet paper, and who can't find new jobs because there aren't any? What about all the people who lost their jobs in this financial fallout, and the HUGE decline in demand that has decreased consumer activity, which further deflates the economy? NOTHING.

Any meaningful ideas and legislation that opposes corporate power and supports the people is wiped out. The public option for health care, which of course makes total sense for small firms like mine that see an annual increase of health care premiums of at least 25% a year, are dying for the public option so we don't have to keep getting raped by our current insurance carrier. Obama and the Democrats capitulated on this even though they could have passed it, and WHY? WHY? I'll tell you why, because the insurance corporations stuffed the coffers of every Democrat in the House and Senate they could sway, the so-called "Blue Dogs," and quashed it.

And how about trying to pass any meaningful environmental legislation? Impossible. You have 70% of the fucking country DENYING global warming, not from a scientific view, but from religious ones, or political ones, or merely to "piss off" liberals. Of course, energy companies are pumping tens of millions into PR campaigns to keep the global warming denial industry poisoning the debate with sophistry and outright lies.

And how about religious corporatism? Check out the attached photo of a "Mega-Church" here in Memphis. They claim to have a flock of 13,000. Holy shit. And I can only imagine the insane shit this congregation is being fed by its "spiritual" leaders. Religion is in total cahoots with the corporatist entities. THEY ARE corporatist entities.

Information is totally controlled by huge media conglomerates. None serve the people in any meaningful way. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow opine for the left, but their shows are sponsored by the very same corporate powers undermining any meaningful "liberal" agenda. And Rupert Murdoch has created in FOX News what even the Soviet's Pravda could have never even imagined, the perfect propaganda machine that controls the thoughts and ideas of tens of millions of drooling peasants.

Finally, we see that the greatest hero of modern journalism, Julian Assange, is now being held without bail in England for supposed sex crimes in Sweden FOR WHICH HE HASN'T EVEN BEEN CHARGED. So much for due process in supposed democracies in Britain AND Sweden. And where are the journalists defending him? The New York Times, is it fighting for his release? No. This despite the NYT has been gorging itself on the leaked data Assange has released. Remember, Assange didn't steal this data himself; he got it from a whistle-blower. So he is doing what every journalist in the world should BE OBLIGATED to do, and that is release this information to the public. Any journo or media organization opposed to this notion is part of the empire, not representing the people.

I think the next revolution is going to be a cyber one. Hackers are the last defense against corporate power. Hell, I'm ready to join the fray. I'm a goddamn hacker extraordinaire if I wanted to be. Instead of toting a M4 rifle, I will join the revolution and shut down Bank of America. Or VISA. Or the goddamn US government. I'm sure this email is probably being read somewhere because of the key words I just entered. If any slimy little fuckstick is reading this, I say, fuck you and come get me, you cunt. I literally have nothing to lose. I've spent the last 20 years becoming a computer god and if I turned into a hacker I could do great harm. I choose not to because I've always thought of myself as a civilized, law-abiding citizen, but there is no fucking rule of law any more. Isn't it fucking obvious? If you have the power you can do whatever the fuck you want. And you can get a so-called "liberal-socialist-populist," popularly-elected-by-the-people, President to bow down before your power and openly fellate your corporate cock.

That's how I feel, that corporate power is the new Caesar and Obama, the defeated leader of the Gauls, has been forced to publicly kneel, naked and humiliated, and kiss the Roman standard and then Caesar's ring. Don't you get that impression?

We're about one more crisis (terrorists, natural disaster) from total authoritarian takeover. You can see any populist and democratic change is impossible. The people are subjects, my friends. The idea of the citizenry is a cruel joke these days. All we have is a gigantic corporatist empire leading the drooling mob that is mostly comprised of docile sheep.

I honestly don't know how I feel any more. We need a new V.I. Lenin and Trotsky in this revolution. Shit, maybe it's me.

Or do I, like Kunstler, just drop out and prepare myself for the giant collapse of civilized democratic culture which is surely in the horizon? I mean, the writing is on the wall. Just recently Camden, NJ announced it is laying off 180 cops. We're talking about the most crime-ridden city in America. Every state and local government is fucking broke and there's no more pork left to prop them up. Raising taxes is never going to happen at any level of American governance, so local governments, and state governments, have no more recourse except to cut everything: education (tens of thousands of teachers are already getting pink slips all across America), infrastructure, law & order, you name it.

I travel this country like few others. Everywhere I go I see horrid and appalling decline and a restlessness at the bottom that is boiling. I am sure the US government has secretly been preparing for domestic disturbances and mini New Orleans trouble ever since. They probably have all kinds of scary non-lethal weapons ready to use on large mobs already. Or even lethal ones, who the fuck cares anymore? They can brand anyone a terrorist and make them public enemies.


  1. Ummm, scary, but possibly true. Where is the great electioneering Obama? Where are the great ideals of Lincoln? Why isn't everyone jumping up and down about this?

  2. A few people are jumping up and down, actually a lot. The trouble is the TV media couldn't give a shit about reporting real news. The print media still has a few actual journalists but most of the teabag retards don't read anything.

  3. Watching Bernie Sanders the other day he made mention of the amount spent in one year by K street on influencing congress critters. Can't remember the whole total - something around $3.5B at the time I did the math and it worked out to over $8million per scumbag in congress. Now with the Supreme Court decision giving corps the ability to anonymously spend as much as they want on elections and you can pretty much guarantee that, short of another revolution, democracy is pretty much over in the USA.


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