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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Wars in July 2010

I can’t believe I am still writing anti-war essays. I can’t believe we are still dug in so deep in both Iraq and Afghanistan that our “exit strategy” seems to be to dig our way through the center of the earth to get back home.

So the USA has spent $300 million on our war in Afghanistan according to recent reports. Whatever. Either half of that amount or double and it’s still a fucking crime against humanity to have spent this much money on absolutely nothing. I have been completely opposed to our insane military response to the September 11th attacks. The problem is finding a military leader in the U.S. armed forces who has the balls to say that there is no military solution to our terrorism problem—careerists cunts all. As I have said over and over again, it’s a war of ideas and a war we could easily win. Too bad we never tried my approach.

Our ideas are just inherently better than those of the Muslim extremists with whom we think we are at war. It’s like Real Madrid thinks they are at war with some junior league soccer club. If we had had an ounce of leadership in America after 9/11 we would have turned the other cheek (while secretly tracking down the cunts behind it and killing them). We should have reached out to the world with aid projects, perhaps building schools in the poorest countries. I seriously doubt that Al Qaeda could have gained allies to war against us after that. After Bush’s two failed wars there probably isn’t a Muslim kid anywhere who wouldn’t want to see harm done to America. Great job Georgie, you fucking brain-dead idiot, you and everyone who went along with you for the ride.

And now this is all Obama’s problem and he doesn’t have what it takes to pull the plug on the whole nightmare. That’s just the way it is. The president doesn’t run the country; it’s run by industry. It is run by Haliburton and Boeing and Ford and McDonald Douglas, and all the other war profiteers. We the people don’t have much say in the matter although they give us the right to vote. I voted to end these fucking wars. I voted for Obama. As far as the wars go I don’t see a big difference between Bush and my guy. Welcome to Democracy 2.0 brought to you by our sponsors (mentioned previously). What is a free-thinker to do? Is there a post-democracy society that we can work towards? I like the fact that I’m allowed to vote but if it doesn’t mean anything then what’s the point?

P.S. Yet another reason why we need to get the fuck out of that stinking shithole immediately.


  1. Well Said. There is so little difference on the military front, and I really thought there was. It is a mess. On another topic could you please find a use for Nancy Pelosi.

  2. How about if we train Nancy Pelosi to fly a kamikaze plane into Sarah Palin?


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