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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer at Last

It is now officially summer because I made my first batch of gazpacho today. I thought I had finished the process but I tasted the result and found it lacking…something. I immediately noticed that I had forgotten to add bread. I have to say that I was a little proud of myself for recognizing how gazpacho is supposed to taste. I thought mine had the right tanginess because I had added the perfect amount of vinegar. I had the salt about right,too, but it was missing body. My trick is using the great whole wheat bread from Mercadona. I had a few slices on hand and added them to the pot. I will make the final adjustments after the pot has cooled properly in the fridge.

I made quite a lot even though I consciously tried to make less than I usually make. Gazpacho will be flowing around here like beer at a Polish wedding (not that I have actually been to a Polish wedding but I would imagine that they drink a lot of beer at those things).

P.S. Holland won 3-1 with goals by former Real Madrid players Robben and Sneijder. In Spain they call Holland's team La Mecánica Naranja, the clockwork orange. Forlan also had a terrific goal.

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