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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Michelle Obama's Visit to Spain

One of the most pathetic things I have read recently concerning American conservatives is the criticism aimed towards Michelle Obama because of the Money being spent on her vacation in Spain. As if the First Lady isn’t worth of a vacation. What is she expected to do? Go camping? There is something these right-wing idiots are missing. It’s called diplomacy. Are they trying to tell us that America can no longer afford diplomacy? Are they trying to tell us that we can afford two insane wars (which we are losing…badly) but we can’t afford diplomacy?

The press here in Spain and all over Europe loves the fact that Mrs. Obama chose to visit Spain with her daughter.  It’s good for Spain and if it’s good for an American ally then it’s good for America. Just because George W. Bush was too stupid to have the curiosity to see the world doesn’t make this a good thing for American politicians and their families. In fact, I’d say that not having a passport should have disqualified Bush from even being president.  The Obamas are paying for the visit. Of course security is another matter but that can’t be blamed on the President or his wife. The President and his family have the right—in fact an obligation—to travel and represent our country.  It’s hilarious how much conservatives hate the fact that Obama, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton are so popular overseas; they act like this goes contrary to American interests.  It’s as if people everywhere should hate all of our leaders as much as they hate W.

She has been called a modern day Marie Antoinette by one retarded columnist. I wonder if this same columnist ever criticizes the lifestyles of America’s rich folks who don’t happen to be the wives of a Democrat. Has anyone on the Right made any negative comment about the horrendously lavish lifestyles of America’s richest few? Hell no, that would be communism.  The Right’s rhetoric gets nuttier and less rational every day.

The bottom line is that whatever this trip did actually cost the American taxpayers it was worth every cent and then some.  Michelle’s trip has done inestimable good in extinguishing the negative view many Europeans had of America because of the last resident of the White House.

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