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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Winter that Wasn't

I’m not complaining or anything but it looks like we may not get anything approaching a winter here in Valencia. The daytime highs have often been above 20° and lows are mostly above 10. I simply have no excuses to ignore my bike. Sometimes when I leave the house for a ride I feel a little under-dressed but after about ten minutes I warm up and after another 30 minutes or so I’m ready to unzip my top and let some air in. This is spectacular weather for cycling and the only thing keeping me off my bike is my work schedule. I have managed to fit a ride in at least 4 days a week so far this year which is great news for January. 

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  1. Well, come to Madrid. We've had some cold(ish) weather. Not too bad (but don't tell the Madrileños. They think 5ºC is reason to stay home from work.)And do watch TeleMadrid, who will assure you that weather like this is proof that global warming is a myth (and will drop in references to such even in the weather reports.)


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