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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Podcasts in Spanish

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions; I simply try—at least for a while—to continue on my path but with a bit more vigor. To this end I have been looking diligently for audio files in Spanish to listen to as I wander about my day. I came upon a veritable gold mine of podcasts in Spanish from Onda Cero called La Rosa de los Vientos. There are dozens and dozens of topics to choose from and the Spanish is clear and easy to understand. This is quite simply one of the best learning tools I have come across in my time here in Spain.

After less than a week I already feel like my Spanish has improved. I also feel that I am simply making a lot better use of my time. It’s sort of like the ultimate in multi-tasking when I can improve my Spanish while carrying out such mundane chores as going to the supermarket, cooking, cleaning, and dozens of other situations I find myself in throughout the day. Not only am I improving my Spanish but I’m also learning something from the programs. It’s definitely a win-win proposition.  I have been asking around forever for podcasts in Spanish to no avail so this is why I want to share my find as quickly as possible.  Enjoy!

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