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Thursday, October 08, 2015

The King of Bargains

I am the king of bargains and I have the loot to prove it. I made the score of scores yesterday and I just had to share this stuff with someone (I don't mean that I want to share this stuff literally, get your own used crap!). What I won't do is reveal my sources. I have a neighborhood connection that is an absolute gold mine, although yesterday it was a stainless steel mine. 
I picked up this haul for less than the price of a gin and tonic (Spain prices), not that this purchase will in any way affect my gin and tonic consumption. The only blemish in the lot is the slight ding on the blue enameled baking dish which you can see. The clay baking dish will be perfect for pizza, if I ever get around to making one again.
This deep-frying pot is the pick of the litter and will be great for making patatas bravas. You must be so jealous. I don't know how you can stand it.
This cheese board is nice although I doubt that I will use it very often (knife not included). The vegetable steamer and pasta strainer are also welcome additions to my kitchen. The pasta strainer fits perfectly into my pressure cooker pot.

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