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Friday, August 15, 2014

Advantage #432 of Owning the Cheapest Cell Phone on the Market (that I bought used)

I can’t give this thing away. My phone fell out of my pack on the share bikes here in Valencia yesterday and sure enough some nice Spanish kid called my home number (in my contacts) and told me he found it. Not to take anything away from his good deed but it’s easier to be honest and there is absolutely no dilemma when you find something that is practically worthless. I bought him a bottle of Spanish cava that cost more than my phone. It’s easier to be generous when you don’t blow money on your phone.

I keep thinking that I'll buy a new phone with internet access and all the bells and whistles. I'm actually paying for the service with my internet provider and home phone plan yet I stick with this miserable relic. It has sort of become a point of pride with me at this stage of the game and I think I will hang on to it until it breaks...and then I'll pay to have it repaired. For me it's just one less distraction in my life.

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