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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Laziness Chronicles #7

I was watching Spain’s World Cup qualifier game at a bar no more than four blocks from my house. I decided to leave at the rest and grabbed a bike-share bike—sorry, I hate to walk. I rode the four blocks home but the station near my apartment was full. I rode two blocks in the opposite direction and that station, too, was full. I pedaled all the way back to the station near the bar to dock the bike.

I’m confused about the moral of this story as it wasn’t an entirely unhappy ending. Before walking home I stopped for another beer and saw former Valencia CF player, Juan Mata, score the second goal.


  1. Honey, I know you mean well, but this is like driving two blocks to the shuttle bus that will take you two blocks to the commuter train. Though I see the original logic. And how can you hate to walk in a city like Valencia? I've walked all over the center. (I now suffer from an ailment that restricts my walking, and damn do I miss spending half the day loping around Madrid.)

  2. I would rather cycle 15 kilometers than walk one k.


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