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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Almanac 2011

I know that talking about the weather is the most boring thing in the world but I just wanted to put this on the record for posterity.

This has been, without a doubt, the finest September in my time here in Spain—not that any of them were bad. I have yet to sleep under a sheet, let alone a blanket. I haven’t worn anything but shorts and sandals. Summer hasn’t shown a single sign that it will be leaving anytime soon. Some people probably aren’t too happy with this heat but don’t count me among them. Looking at the forecast for the next three days makes me believe that I could wait a few days to post this and nothing will have changed.  Part of me wishes that it would never change, that I’d have an endless summer.

But I have lived in places that do have an endless summer and they weren’t really for me. I’d have to say that in all of the places where I have lived the Mediterranean climate suits me best. The winters are brief, the spring and fall are comfortable, and summer is always fantastic. This summer was absolutely excellent. It was never that hot, even in Granada. July was completely mild as far as summers go.

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