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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Say "Job Creator" One More God Damned Time!

Obama with Balls
Instead of "job creators" which is Republican for "rich assholes" I could have used one of dozens of other right-wing euphemisms like "class warfare" to mean a tax on the rich, or "death tax" to mean a tax on inheritance.  About the only people calling out the conservatives on their creepy, Orwellian word coinage are the staff of The Daily Show.

Obama needs to be more like Sam Jackson and less like Germaine Jackson and bring the fight to the conservatives. Make them stand firmly on their views so that the American public can see, once and for all, that Republicans represent only the top 1% of wage earners. I am sensing a bit of a sea change in public opinion and even some of the most pathetic of the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing tea-baggers are beginning to understand that Republicans are all about making the rich even richer and fuck the rest of us.

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