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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lion Attacks, Kills Small Girl (cute and white!)

My video response to about 99% of the stupid shit on YouTube. The animal attack videos seem to be especially popular so I thought I would toss out a curve ball. I can just imagine some adolescent boy searching for videos of gruesome lion attacks and suddenly finding himself watching my video and becoming even more confused, sexually or whatever.


  1. Call me when you find a YouTube video titled "Lion Dismembers Nancy Grace and No One Cares".

  2. I had to Google "Nancy Grace" but then I immediately recognized her as one of the many half-wits on CNN. There seems to be a never-ending supply of morons on TV news. They are like America's most abundant resource.

  3. She specializes in missing, murdered and victimized young white girls. Here she is trying to get young Elizabeth Smart, who had been kidnapped and abused, into spilling gory details of her ordeal. The kid deals with her with aplomb while Nancy is a total smarm-master.


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