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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Cycling

I took my new bike out yesterday for a long ride and if ever there were an argument for a handlebar-mounted GPS it was yesterday as I tried to forge a path from the bike trail to the village of Torrent just outside of Valencia to the sea to the east. Even a map would have been a blessing as I pedaled around for three hours through village after village, one soulless industrial park after another, and crisscrossing dead-end rice fields. The good news is that with my new bike it feels like I have a motor. Were it not for the frustration of being lost I would have enjoyed every kilometer of the ride. Besides getting a great workout I did happen across this this XI century Arab tower and probably a 19th century church in the hamlet of Albal just outside of Valencia.

I doubt if a GPS would feature all of the little paths winding through the rice fields and orange groves in the Valencia Community nor would it show the bike trails. I am constantly amazed by the huge network of bike trails we have here in Valencia that branch out from the capital in every direction.

I finally found my way home after crossing a busy highway and climbing with my bike over a retaining wall. Sort of like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape except I escaped.

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