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Monday, September 30, 2013

The End of the Best Show Ever

Now that is what you call an exit. I watched the episode alone at my desk (this morning as soon as I could to avoid spoilers) and I was literally clapping at the end, no kidding, clapping to a TV screen. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. As my brother said, everyone got what they deserved (and some a lot more). I have seldom been this satisfied at the end of any work of fiction whether it was a novel, a movie, or a TV series.

After the final and stupidly ambiguous episode of The Sopranos all I could think was, “You people writing this just aren’t clever enough for this lame-ass ending.” It’s like they thought they were smarter than their audience. With Breaking Bad everyone has always known that Walter White was the smartest guy in the room.

As satisfying as it was to see a pile of dead neo-Nazis in the end, what may have been even better was not having to hear his mush-mouth son speak a last time—I really hated that kid. Badger and Skinny Pete were their usual brilliant selves and I can only pray that they get a spin-off series in which they take over the carwash for hilarious, meth-fueled hijinks.

Whether or not this was the best TV series ever would be hard to say but I definitely think that it was consistently the most fun to watch week-to-week.

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