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Saturday, September 07, 2013

One Nation Under Haliburton, Lockheed, Martin Marrieta, et cetera

If the United States bombs Syria the military industrial complex wins and democracy loses! The only thing that an American military strike against Syria will do is to prove further that the arms industry has a complete stranglehold on our country and can do what it pleases, whenever it pleases in direct contradiction to the wishes of the American public. If ever there were an oxymoron it would be “military solution” and our military leaders have proven themselves to be completely incompetent at making policy—I have more respect for Dennis Rodman than our top generals in this area if it is at all possible to have less respect than no respect.

In an organization that is supposedly all about leadership I can’t imagine an industry more lacking in this quality than the United States military services. It also seems to be an organization that is completely immune to the lessons of history. How many times are we as a nation doomed to repeat the failure of Viet Nam? When will we learn that we cannot win a war against an insurgency? When will we learn that we can’t kill our way out of all of the world’s problems? Our military higher-ups (I refuse to use the word “leaders” to describe them) will always counsel for a military solution to a foreign policy issue even though there is not a shred of evidence of military action being effective.

It seems that our President is hell bent on executing some sort of military action in Syria even though few American citizens and even fewer foreign governments agree. Why should the United States be concerned about a civil war in Syria that pits a loathsome government against Islamists who constantly threaten America? We should let the Arab nations deal with this issue because no matter what we do it will cause enormous resentment in the Muslim world.

I’d like to ask all of the geniuses who are criticizing the President one simple question: what should we do in Syria? Why all of a sudden do conservatives give a shit about what happens in Syria. I personally don’t give a shit about their civil war. There’s lots of bad things happening around the world and we should concentrate on things we can actually do something about.

And now it seems that we won’t bomb or invade Syria after all. Our President has chosen the path of diplomacy—practically a first for the USA. And of course his moron opponents are screaming bloody murder because he “backed down” when a few minutes earlier they were calling him blood thirsty and a war monger. Which brings us to this wonderful word invented on Bill Maher’s program Real Time. He mentioned that Michelle Obama has begun a new program to make people more aware of the need to drink more water. Will Republicans come out against hydration?


  1. Yes, we could've.
    A great shame that Obama has fallen under the influence of something bad.

    1. It looks like I need to write a postscript apology to my President for not taking the dark path towards war. Perhaps Obama is really good at the art of the bluff. It looks like the USA will do the right thing. I wouldn't say that's a first but it's not our usual choice.


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