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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Recent News

Ariel Castro, who snatched children off the street, chained them in his house, and raped them repeatedly for years, was found hanged in an Ohio prison. Regarding the suicide the New York Times reported:

“It was not immediately clear how Mr. Castro was able to hang himself. The Ohio Department of Corrections statement said a review of the incident was under way.”

Perhaps he used the length of rope the guards provided? Also found in his cell: a bottle of sleeping pills, a loaded pistol, walking directions to the nearest high bridge (his cell door was wide open), a full array of poisons, and razor blades. It’s too bad he didn’t take the suicide option when he realized he was evil and before he ruined a lot of lives. I have always been staunchly opposed to capital punishment but I am not against suicide and in this case he saved the American public perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in what could have been a very lengthy incarceration. I don’t think that the state providing the means to assist prisoners with suicide is the worst idea in the history of the American criminal justice system.

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