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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here Is Our Health Care Plan

The congressman brings up the point I have made from the beginning: just what exactly do the insurance companies bring to the table? They have CEOs making tens of millions of dollars a year, figures no government bureaucrat comes near. The companies make billions in profit without so much as providing an aspirin as far as giving treatment. Medicare, like Social Security, has an extremely low overhead—something like 4% as he mentions in the video. What private company would be willing to administer a program for such a small percentage? I like his plan of simply offering Medicare to more and more citizens to where it eventually (in the near future) will cover everyone. People will still be able to use private insurers (although these companies will probably make a lot less). How will we pay for it? First of all we can start with lowering operating costs by forcing drug companies to charge less (like Wal-Mart does). Let’s get this thing started and stop messing around with the Obama plan.