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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Health Care USA

Bill Maher’s program hit the nail on the head with a special report by comedian Dana Gould. He noted the difference in tempers between the mouth-breathing morons disrupting health care town meetings and the working poor lined up for free medical and dental treatment at the LA forum provided by Remote Area Medical. The anti-Obama-care crowds were unruly retards, uninformed white trash, and brown shirts in waiting. The overwhelming sentiment is that our new president is a liar. Of course, these same hillbillies think of Clinton as the greatest liar in human history but seem unaware that it was George W. Bush who told the major lies about stuff that really mattered.

As Gould points out, the crowds waiting for health care were peaceful and reasonable. They stood in line for hours for health care that they can’t afford under our present system that excludes tens of millions citizens