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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The News Will Not Be Televised!

Village Idiot

I pointed out in a previous post that our military elite have failed us worse than any other, including bankers who destroyed the world economy in 2008. I may have to hedge my bets and place television news people in a tie for the worst of our elites although it makes me cringe to place some moron like Wolf Blitzer among any sort of elite. I don’t put Fox News in this failed group because they have actually been hugely successful in what they do: disseminate far-right propaganda handed to them from various right-wing propaganda mills like the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, and the American Enterprise Institute to name only a few. So yeah, Fox News is always on point and effective in brain-washing the barely literate folks who tune in, ditto that for conservative talk radio.

In the center-right of TV we have the major news outlets like CNN, CBS, NBS, and all of the million little local “news” outlets which are little better than shopping flyers passing on gossip and doing countless bits on cute animals and other mind-numbingly stupid pabulum. They remind me of a cat chasing around a laser pointer, constantly and endlessly distracted by absolutely everything thrown in their way. For example, how much TV air time was spent laughing about Trump’s spelling error in his tweet message “covfefe?” As if all we have to worry about concerning our new commander in chief are his problems with spelling.

Or how many hours did TV reporters blab about what a good time everyone was going to have in American bars while listening to the former FBI director’s testimony? I could go on to list hundreds of idiotic items aired by the major networks that they try to pass off as news but the bottom line is this: if you are getting your news on TV you probably are ill-informed and probably misinformed on a lot of important issues. Mostly TV news just wants to scrape the very bottom of the barrel for grisly sex crimes and stories like this from CBS News: "Geese defecate on crowd of people, including children, at Disneyland." Not Disneyland! Not on the Children!

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