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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Conservatives' Views on Climate: Version #892

From Ross Douthat (in my defense I have to read his columns with a clothes pin on my nose. I find his stupidity offensive. I can't believe that The New York Times pays him for his loathsome opinions):

“Lukewarmers accept that the earth is warming and that our civilization’s ample CO2 emissions are a major cause. They doubt, however, that climate change represents a crisis unique among the varied challenges we face, or that the global regulatory schemes advanced to deal with it will work as advertised.

So conservatives move the goalposts yet again. Conservatives are like passengers on a slowly sinking ship who say there’s no problem but are forced to move up a flight of stairs to maintain the view out of their porthole. First they said that it was all a hoax (many still cling to this piece of intellectual flotsam). Next they said that perhaps temperatures were rising but it was all part of a natural cycle. Next they denied elevated carbon emissions and maintained any changes in climate were not due to humans. Their beliefs have now morphed into this ridiculous variation. The only consistency in conservatives’ positions on climate is their complete disdain for science.

Over the course of my adult life I haven’t moved my goalposts at all in this debate because I don’t have any goalposts; all that I have is the word of almost every scientist on the planet. I have never put my faith in the words of some hack like this Douthat (rhymes with ass hat) guy or someone in the pay of the fossil fuel industry. I’ve never had to change my story or invent some new fantasy because I have relied on the best minds on this planet to guide my opinions. If I’m wrong on this subject then at least I can say that I’ve been in good company.

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