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Monday, June 05, 2017

Flavor Flav Fired from Public Enemy for Use of the Letter After M-Word

Yes, folks. The word has become so utterly toxic for White people that I have separated myself from it by an entire letter of the alphabet.

Public Enemy front-man Flavor Flav has been fired from the group for his use of racial slurs a company spokesperson announced this morning. “We here at Public Enemy feel that his deeply offensive language does not properly represent the values of our music.” Mr Flav gave a heart-felt apology to all those who have followed the group and offered to replace old CDs of their smash hit from 1991 Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black with a remixed and more politically-correct version.

I Don’t Want to Be Called Yo N-Word (redacted)

How can you say to me, "Yo, my n-word nigga!"
Cursin' up a storm with your finger on a trigger
Feelin' all the girls like a big gold digger
Take a small problem, make a small problem bigger
You say, 
"Yo I ain't poor I got dough
"You don't consider me your brother no more?"

Goddamn kilogram, how do you figure?
I don't want to be called yo n-word  nigga

[Verse 2]
I try to make my statements stick like flypaper
Judge says to me, "Yo n-word nigga, sign these goddamn papers"
My boss told me, "Yo n-word nigga, you're fired"
Cause my body told me, "Yo nigga, you're tired"
Yo n-word nigga this, yo n-word nigga that
I'm yo n-word nigga now cause your head got fat
Flava framalama boy you won't figure
I don't wanna be called yo n-word nigga

[Verse 3]
(spells out) N – W –O –R –D  
Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga

Everybody sayin' it, Everybody playin' it
Roll it on the scales, cause everybody's weighin' it
Toby say, "Yo, I be good n-word nigga
" N-word Nigga get a shovel, n-word nigga be good digger!"

I don't care how small or bigger
I don't want to be called yo n-word nigga 

I can’t believe that a single black person in America was truly offended by Bill Maher’s lousy joke. It’s a fucking word! Granted, I think that I possess the common sense necessary to avoid the use of that word, especially in a forum like a TV broadcast. Seriously, he is a lot more of an idiot than I gave him credit for before this incident. Meanwhile, we live in a country that is in the process of defunding public schools (we made a university education a huge luxury a while ago) and people are worried about someone using a word in the context of a bad joke? Talk about taking your eye off the ball.

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