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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Gala of the Century!

(This was something that I posted on Facebook)

(CNN) - Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down and Lee Greenwood will headline a concert for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, his inaugural committee announced. Earlier in the evening there will be a magic show, a juggler will perform, and there will be balloon animals for the kids. Admission price is $599.99 and includes a “Make America Great Again” ball cap. Proof of citizenship is required.

How about a mariachi band made up of Trump impersonators? Somebody must have thought that up already, right? Just the thought makes me happy. It's like the Tuesday night line-up at a Holiday Inn somewhere in rural Alabama or the grand opening of a Taco Bell. I wonder if Lee is going to sing “I’m Proud to be an American.” I was going to google 3 Doors Down then thought to myself, “Why the fuck would you do that?”

They are rolling out some real titans of the entertainment industry for the Inauguration Day on Friday. I can’t make it because I’ll be busy digging a bomb shelter and stocking up on canned goods. What’s your excuse?

NOTICE! Please don’t tell me to “get over it and move on” or “just give Trump a chance” or tell me that I should respect the office of POTUS. First of all, I’m not one of these “not my president” types. And fuck you, give Trump a chance. The very first thing on his agenda is to deny health care—once again—to 18 million Americans just because they want to do everything possible to destroy Obama’s legacy. Don’t give me any bullshit like we can’t afford it because these same folks didn’t say a word when we were blowing up Iraq and building Pizza Huts there for America soldiers presumably in for the very long haul. Lastly, I won’t be lectured on respecting the office of  POTUS from a guy who seems to be using it to further his shady businesses.

Please don’t confuse your right to free expression with me not giving a shit about your stupid and mostly misinformed views.

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