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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Reading Lists

1) Because lists are mostly idiotic, but more importantly because lists are perverting what we read on the internet. In case you haven't noticed almost everything written on the web these days comes in the form of a moronic series that coaxes people into clicking through, page after page, as if we're rats tapping a button to get a pellet of substance. The difference is that rats get fed while we're just left with a block of wasted time. 

So please stop reading lists of stupid crap like "10 Best Beaches in Spain" or "25 Great New Sushi Joints in Seattle" and if you can't do that at least stop posting that shit on Facebook (unless you wrote the list).

2) There is no #2. Didn't you read #1? I thought that I was pretty clear on that. Go read a book. There is probably a list of the top ten books you should read this summer.