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Friday, November 02, 2012

Los Planetas, Un Buen Día

I came across this little gem of a song when a friend on Facebook shared it. Facebook can really be wonderful when people actually share something worth sharing. This is one of the most charming songs I've come across in pop music in forever. You would probably have to live in Spain at least for a little while to fully appreciate how this tune captures life here.  It's like a musical photograph of a day in the life. I haven't liked music this much in a long time. I was wondering if I was ever going to be charmed by music ever again. I think I need to get another piano.

It's interesting that the entire song takes place in the present perfect, a very Spanish verb tense.The bootleg illustrated video shows just how little effort is needed to make a great video if you have a bit of imagination. Chapeau, Sombrero, and Hats Off to Los Planetas and the video artist.

Me he despertado casi a las diez
y me he quedado en la cama
más de tres cuartos de hora,
y ha merecido la pena.

Ha entrado el sol por la ventana,
y han brillado en el aire
algunas motas de polvo.
He salido a la ventana
y hacía una estupenda mañana.

H e bajado al bar para desayunar
y he leído en el Marca
que se ha lesionado el niñato.
Y no me he acordado de ti
hasta pasado un buen rato.

Luego han venido estos por aquí
y nos hemos bajado
a tomarnos unas cañas,
y me he reído con ellos.

He estado durmiendo hasta las seis
y después he leído
unos tebeos de Spiderman,
que casi no recordaba.
Y he salido de la cama

He puesto la tele y había un partido
y Mendieta ha marcado un gol
realmente increíble.
Y me he puesto triste
el momento justo antes de irme.

Había quedado de nuevo a las diez
y he bajado en la moto
hacia los bares de siempre,
donde quedaba contigo,
y no hacía nada de frío.

He estado con Erik hasta las seis
y nos hemos metido
cuatro millones de rayas.
Y no he vuelto a pensar en ti
hasta que he llegado a casa,
y ya no he podido dormir
como siempre me pasa.  

Of course, what I really love about this simple tune is the fact that I’m in on it. I understand exactly what’s going on in this very typical day here in Spain. You wake up, lie in bed, finally get up, go downstairs to a bar for breakfast, you read Marca (the daily football rag from Madrid), later you go out for a couple of beers with your friends, watch a game, see Mendieta (now it's Messi) score an incredible goal, and on and on into the night.


  1. I learned the subjunctive with this (forgive the ad at the beginning;

    back when Luz Casal was still a "rockera" and before her transformation into chanteuse...

    check out the late 80's esthetic. Pure Malasaña cutre.

    also check out the

  2. It's just that the present perfect is such a Spanish verb tense and this song uses it exclusively. I wonder what a Mexican would think of this song. After more six years I'm still learning the damn subjunctive. Thanks for another song I had never heard before.


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