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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Un Carajillo, Por Favor.

A carajillo is simply an espresso coffee with a bit of either Spanish brandy, whiskey, or rum added in. Another amazing contribution to world civilization thanks to the Spanish. This should come with a twist of lemon but most places don't bother with that tiny extravagance. ¡Salud!


  1. It's surprising how many people here enjoy one for breakfast (and how normal a start to the day it is considered here). Another way to start the day: a sol y sombra (anis and brandy layered in a brandy glass), but you should try and just stick to one of them.

  2. Sol y sombra is new to me...just what I need: another excuse to drink. Last night was the middle of Fallas, Saint Patrick's Day, and a friend's birthday.


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