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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mexican Food for Beginners

As a forward to this, if you haven't tried corn tortillas fried in lard then you haven't lived. The lard here in Spain (manteca) is great for cooking. I wouldn't recommend using it every day but once in a while won't kill you (at least it won't kill me).

Besides family and friends, what I miss the most about the United States is Mexican food. The basic ingredients for a lot of Mexican dishes are a little hard to find in Spain, or at least here in Valencia. The chile peppers are different but you can find some that are a little spicy at most of the Pakistani green grocers as they eat spicy food in their part of the world. I buy a lot of my Mexican products, including corn and flour tortillas, at Bodega Portal Latino, 45 Calle Cadiz.

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  1. Get a small plot of dirt or a small container garden, and I will send you some chile seeds from Colorado. In the meantime, figure out a way for me to send them to you so that US or Spanish (EU) Customs won't bust either of us.


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