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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Post Bin Laden

“I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” – Mark Twain?

I honestly believe that the world is a better place because Osama bin Laden is dead. His carcass has probably passed through the intestinal tract of a shark whose turds now feed lesser creatures in the deep. However, I was sincerely surprised by the reaction of Americans who treated his death like we just won a rematch with the 1980 Soviet hockey team. I was relieved upon hearing the news but I felt no urge to gloat about it. Perhaps I would have had different feelings except it took 10 years to off the stupid prick.

Obama wasn’t responsible for his death but I’m glad it happened on the President’s watch and thus will inflate his popularity a bit. He could use a boost or two. I am hoping he will gain a bit of confidence from this and start acting like a liberal. We will soon see about that.

The operation itself seemed to be pretty faultless even with one downed helicopter. As one former Navy SEAL said, as far as machines go, their planning dictates that two is one and one is none. This means they had contingency plans coming out of their ears in the case of break-downs. It was a bold plan and was perfectly executed. Bravo to the soldiers in involved.

As far as the politics of the mission, I am in full agreement. I think that the only option was to kill Osama. Capturing him would have presented a logistical and legal nightmare, as we have learned from the detainees at Guantanamo. Two in the head and dumping the body at sea solved more problems that I can even count. And those who say that we should release a death photo are complete fucking morons. To those weak-minded enough to believe in conspiracy theories, no amount of photographs would change their opinion, so why bother trying? Besides, when Obama tells the American public something, I have no reason to think he is lying.

I love how conservatives say that Obama is taking undue credit for the raid. Really? Like landing on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit with a banner saying "Mission Accomplished," that sort of taking undue credit?

The question now is just how quickly we can get our troops the hell out of both Iraq and Afghanistan—the two worst foreign policy decisions in America’s history. And let’s not forget, they were both Bush decisions which Obama inherited, just like our destroyed economy.

From what I have gathered about the conservative reaction to the operation, things are about as you might imagine. All kinds of crazy vitriol is being thrown at Obama. Right-wingers aren’t even trying to appear rational these days. They are more ridiculous by the day.

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