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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Extra Chairs and Tables

Even more than usual people have been flocking to café terraces. I rode my bike through the historic center of Carmen last night and there was hardly an empty table to be found. Sitting in a café on an unbelievably pleasant evening is simply the thing to do and something the Spanish seem to have a special talent for.  It’s part of their Mediterranean blood.  I was in no hurry to get home and I rode so slowly that I was often on the verge of tipping over; it was like sitting at a moving café table.

One of my favorite cafés near my house has placed tables out in the esplanade in the boulevard. If she doesn’t want to wait for the light to change the waitress has to dodge cars to cross the street—not always easy when carrying a tray of drinks and food.  It’s as if there just isn’t enough space to accommodate all of the café goers.  New places have to be found for tables, like when you have extra guests arrive unexpected.  In the fashionable Canovas area the bike path is so crowded-out by restaurant tables that you are tempted to steal a bit of fried calamari or a sip of wine as you pedal by festive diners.  Be sure to watch your head of you will hit it on a table umbrella.

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