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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wine, Olives, and Football:Valencia CF 0-1 Barça

Valencia Club de Fútbol is playing Barcelona Fútbol Club tonight on La Sexta (one of Spain’s major TV stations) and I’m at home instead of a bar for a change. I love how sporting events on a weeknight begin at 10pm in Spain.  I'm having a difficult time writing this while watching the game because it’s a real nail-biter with a lot of action from both sides. I’m having a glass of Valencia wine (Torre Oria, Marqués de Requena) paired with some fantastic olives I bought at my hilal butcher shop in the neighborhood.  I am sticking with Valencia wine these days almost exclusively and I’m definitely 100% Valencia CF. ¡Amunt!

The game has been on my mind throughout this very hectic day. Earlier today I did some shopping for what will eventually be my dinner tonight, penne with vodka tomato sauce. This is a fairly iconic dish in Italy and on the menu in many Italian restaurants in the USA.  This will be my first attempt at it but it looks pretty easy. The problem is that I can’t cook and watch this great game at the same time. Another problem is that I haven’t eaten much today.  It was actually about 4:30 this afternoon before I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything more than a handful of granola with my coffee in the morning. 

I literally stopped in my tracks when finally decided that I needed to eat. It had been kind of a screwy day with a few errands to run and then I went downtown for the Mascletà.  I’m three for three so far this year and I’d like to go to all of them (17 more to go).  So I sat down in a café and had a slice of tortilla de patatas and a glass of red wine.

With so little in my stomach it’s hard for me to be objective about the penne vodka I’m devouring now in the second part of this 0-0 match.

Fucking Leo Messi does it again. Barça is like a great white shark that never stops. The game isn’t really all that important in La Liga but I made a bet with a friend’s 8 year old son for 5,000€. I’m hoping he won’t remember or I can convince him that it wasn’t 5,000€ but five packs of football cards (I give him a pack of cards every time I see him. I think I enjoy the cards more the he does).  Either he forgets or he and a couple of his thug buddies beat me to within an inch of my life for welching. I freely admit that I deserve it.

Valencia CF 0-1 Barça (Goal by Messi*)

*Unai Emery, the coach of Valencia CF upon hearing that Barça’s coach wouldn’t be on the bench tonight because of a back problem asked why Messi couldn’t miss the damn game because of his back.

For those of us who never had an Italian grandmother, here is La Signora G's version of Penne alla Vodka.:

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