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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valencia CF 1-1 Shalke 04 in Champions League

Raúl did it to Valencia yet again. This guy has scored almost as many goals in Mestalla as David Villa and could prove to be our Achilles heel in the return game in Germany. Valencia missed a lot of good opportunities in what was an exciting and fast-paced game, especially the first half. I am hoping that Valencia can make it out of this round. I suppose a 1-1 draw at home isn't the worst possible result but it does certainly give the advantage to Shalke. I heard that thus far in the Champions Valencia has on of the best records in return matches so we'll see in two weeks.

To Valencia's credit they are coming off a big win from Saturday when they beat Atlético de Madrid away and pulled into thrid position in La Liga. I think the team is doing remarkably well this season and I've enjoyed watching them play. That's all that really matters.

 In the other game of the night Tottenham beat Milan 0-1. From the highlights I saw it looked like an ugly game more resembling rugby that football.

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