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Friday, February 18, 2011

Penne Rigate Bolognese

This dish began at my butcher stall in the Ruzafa market. My butcher has hamburger patties for sale but I have found the meat to be too lean for most dishes requiring hamburger. As I have on other occasions I had him grind some meat for me to my specifications. We used a good amount of pork loin which is a bit fatty and mixed that with beef. This is the only way to buy minced meat and I only wish that I always had time to go to the butcher.  I was buying the meat because I had a craving for a really good hamburger after looking at pictures of this quintessentially American dish on a website of French restaurants that serve burgers.  As usual I bought a lot more meat than I planned so I began thinking of another dish I could prepare.

I have made Bolognese sauce before but not with much enthusiasm so this time I did a bit of youtube research and came up with a decent recipe. In the end I went with a version of Mario Batali’s take on this dish.  For the pasta (as stated in the title) I used Penne Rigate n.73. I also threw in some Spanish habas, or broad green beans because I had seen a recipe that called for peas and the habas just looked better.

I didn’t finish cooking until at least midnight and I was really hungry after a day of cycling. I had two big bowls before I passed out and I slept like a dead guy. The next time I’ll make a video.

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  1. Sooo hungry!! Perfectly presented, you forgot the perejil...ha!


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