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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fallas Is Near

The first mascletà* was today which means I will have 19 more before the end of Fallas which officially begins on March 15th and ends on the 19th. The Mascletà always begins on the Sunday at the beginning of the month or, as is the case this year, a couple of days earlier.  It was a gorgeous day after a sort of dreary morning. I rode my bike down to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and waded into the crowd in front of the post office. The Mascletà serves to sort of get the juices flowing and get people into the mood of Fallas.

I like everything about the Mascletà. One cool thing about the spectacle is that there are no jaded souls in the plaza at precisely 14:00. Children, young kids, and old folks like me are here to celebrate, ready to be overwhelmed by how your clothes beat against your body, by the smell of sulfur, and by the tremendous NOISE! The orgasmic finale leaves the crowd howling with joy. I have never experienced anything like it and I try to make it every day.

Even watching this video gives me chills.    

*A daytime percussion fireworks display. The back-slash accent is Valenciano.

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