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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the Crisis: Year Three

A new gated community.
The city of Camden, New Jersey has laid off almost 50% of its police officers.  The city is one of the most crime-ridden in the nation so this “get the government off our back” action should play out just about how you would expect. I have a few questions of my own here. First, I’d love to know how many of those 160 laid off policemen voted Republican or support the teabaggers—talk about voting against your own interests. Then you have to remember that these guys have been trained in weaponry and police tactics. They aren’t going to find other police jobs elsewhere as most places are suffering from this same anti-government lunacy, so you have to wonder how many will find work in the criminal sector in Camden.  It’s not like there are many decent jobs to be had for America’s middle class.  Jobs that start near the bottom and go nowhere seem to be about all this economy is producing, according to labor statistics.

Ronald Reagan’s dream is finally coming to full fruition. And Grover Norquist who once said, "I don't want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub," should now have the honors of drowning a ceremonial baby called Camden.  This is all great news if your vision for America looks like The Road Warrior and terrible news for the rest of humanity.  Camden is also shit-canning a bunch of firemen just to add a little more spice to the volatile stew they are cooking up. 

All of this fun is the result of the rich refusing to pay more taxes. This comes at a time when the wealthiest Americans are fucking cleaning up financially while the middle class has slipped quietly into the status of working poor—if they are lucky enough to be working.  Average tax savings for the richest assholes in the country is something like $350,000. This isn’t how much they will make this year but how much they will save on taxes. I’d say we were ready for another French-style revolution, but I think we will probably have to pass through a new Dark Ages to become enlightened enough to even blame the rich for this mess. Meanwhile, the wealthiest Americans are using tax-payer money to build up security companies like Blackwater to protect them if the poor ever get wise enough to get pissed off.


  1. LeftBanker-
    You have seen me before at Matt's place. I clicked his link. Denise.

    Do you think those people lost their jobs because of whom they voted for? What about the simple fact that there was no more money to pay for the jobs? Would you rather that the jobs be falsely propped up like the police in OH who benefited from some TARP money? Yeah, that worked really well. They still lost their jobs when the TARP money was gone. How does that do any good for the long haul?
    Your loathing of the rich is amazing. They're all evil to you, aren't they?
    Who are the people that are innovating? Who are the people that can take the tax savings, hire more and reinvest to create MORE jobs? Oh, my. Those nasty rich men!! You know Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, John Huntsman, Vera Wang...All assholes, I am sure!
    Do government jobs produce anything? Do they?

    And FYI. Teabaggers are scrotum sucking men. Get it right, huh?

    And Xe, formerly called Blackwater Worldwide is a privately funded company. Don't confuse wealthy Americans spending their hard earned money on investing with the fact that the government is choosing to use taxpayer dollars to pay for a service rendered be it Blackwater or Haliburton. There is a difference.

  2. If we need to cut spending let's start with the military. Tell me what business we have in Iraq and Afghanistan when we can't man the police force in a crime-ridden American metropolis?

    I suggest that you read everything Mat cites on his page. Then come and live in Spain to see first-hand how socialism works. Spain is a paradise compared to MOST of America (and don't tell me it is on the verge of collapse because no one here is talking about firing half the police force or abandoning public education and health care). While America is firing police officers and teachers Spain is building a network of bullet trains.

    And please, please don't tell me that you listen to Rush and Glenn Beck.


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