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Friday, January 21, 2011

Un Paseo en Bici

I was feeling a little cooped up yesterday so I took a Valenbisí bike out for a spin. Actually, I think I took four bikes out as I rode for about an hour and a half. You can only keep the bike for 30 minutes so I had to dock the bike and then take it out again at various stations around town.  I came across this nice deli over by the football stadium. Had I been driving a car I would have never even noticed this quaint little store as I was stopped at a light. Because I was on a bike it was easy for me to stop and take a picture.

After humping around the Jardin Reales I started to make my way home and noticed a new bakery on the corner of Joaquin Costa and Calle Conde de Altea where I bought a focaccia (1.90€). It wasn't too good but it inspired me to make focaccia at home.

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